Get the Goods

Pray First

To get your Serve Day heading in the right direction, begin by covering it in prayer.

Project Strategy

This tool will help you determine how your projects will be led. Small groups driven versus church driven or a combination of the two strategies.

Budget Guidelines

This is a simple guideline to help you with the things you need to consider when planning your budget for Serve Day.

Serve Day Communication

Guidelines for all your Serve Day communication strategies.

Small Group Engagement

This is a guide for the steps we take and resources we provide to engage our small group leaders in being a part of Serve Day.

General Information

Sample communication piece sent out to church staff.

Project Ideas

A list of project ideas for your small groups and church memebers.

Partnership Sample List

This is a sample list of our ministry partners that have adoptable projects for small groups.

Serve Curriculum

Serve oriented small group curriculum along with leader notes.


Our Internal planning check list of all the various components and task that need to be done leading up to Serve Day.

Small Group Leader Email Examples

These are sample communications to our small group leaders that are sent throughout the summer semester.

Small Group Project Planning Guide

This is a tool we give to our small group leaders to help them plan their projects and engage theirgroup.

Acts of Kindness Cards

These cards are accompanied by an act of kindness directly connecting them to services and locations.

Serve Day Connection Card

This Serve Day connection card handed out the Sunday after Serve Day allowing attendees to let us know if they have an ongoing interest in outreach.

Serve Day Directional Signage

This is the art for the Server Day Yard Sign and the Serve Day A-Frame sign.  The arrow portion for each sign is a separate piece and will be attached via Velcro.

Serve Prayer Video

This is a typical message delivered by our senior pastor on Seve Day to encourage participants.

Serve Day Recap Video

This is a compilation video that encapsulates the vast impact of the day and what everyone took part in.

Online Training

This is our training on how to mobilize your church for Serve Day.

Serve Day FAQ

On this training, we discuss some of your most frequently asked questions about the planning of Serve Day.

Serve Day App Tutorial

This is training discusses how to create a project in the Serve Day app.

Serve Day Promo Video

This video can be used to promote the new Serve Day app.

Serve Day Social Media Graphics

These graphics can be used to promote Serve Day and the new app on social media.

Social Media Countdown Graphics

These graphics can be used to count down to Serve Day on social media.

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